Ms. Marvel Creator Reveals The [SPOILER] Disney+ Reveal Was Their Original Plan in the Comics

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If you haven’t yet missed out on the latest episode of Ms. Marvel, it’s about time you do so before continuing to read up on the big reveal from the finale.

The latest episode of Ms. Marvel has arrived with a bombshell of a revelation. Towards the end of the episode, Kamala Khan’s friend uses the wording “mutation” with the theme song that’ll be used in X-Men ’97. As it turns out, it seems that was the initial idea when they were creating Ms. Marvel as revealed by one of her co-creators, Sana Amanat.

Here’s a really important thing that people do not know – when we were thinking about the character of Kamala back, back, back in the day in 2012, 2013, when [G.] Willow [Wilson, comic book writer] and myself were ideating, we originally wanted to make her a mutant. That was the whole intention, to be able to do that.” In the series, they were able to get back to that initial idea. “Is she a mutant, question mark?

Sana Amanat

It’s not surprising that they considered it, especially with how the Terrigen bomb concept was introduced for a new race, the NuHumans which technically were a new generation of Inhumans. She goes on to highlight what their main focus always was when it came to her character in the Disney+ service, which she helped produce.

The bigger story really is the origin of Kamala, and everyone has been just trying to pin down what she is. We leaned into that – it’s like, we’re not going to give you that answer, because when you’re telling a story about identity, everyone is so obsessed with labelling people and putting them in a box. I think that’s the journey of this entire season – she’s been looking for that box, even though she doesn’t need it.

Sana Amanat

The fact they managed to pull off their initial plans in the series is a nice touch, which brings their ideas full circle. Especially in how they added elements to make the name and even her logo part of her cultural background rather than purely inspired by Captain Marvel. If they get a chance to further explore it, it’ll be interesting to see where her character goes.

Source: Empire

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