‘Ms. Marvel’ Director Teases Kamala Will Gain Even More “Spectacular Power” in the Future

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Ms. Marvel recently ended its run on Disney+ as one of the most critically well-received Marvel Cinematic Universe. The series made viewers fall in love with Kamala Khan and get invested in the mysterious unraveling of what exactly her powers are. By the end of the show, audiences are already excited at seeing what comes next for Kamala in The Marvels. Iman Vellani will star alongside Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel, who appeared in the final post-credits scene of Ms. Marvel.

Kamala’s powers in the MCU raised a lot of eyebrows and questions. First, there were significantly different from the abilities and origin she had in the comics. But Ms. Marvel also dropped the huge fact that Kamala may be a mutant in the MCU, and it never fully explained her powers and her Clandestine background. Some of this was due to time constraints for the series, but the series’ director Adil El Arbi recently told The Direct that fans have quite a bit to look forward to regarding Kamala’s powers going forward. El Arbi stated:

And I think, power-wise, we saw just the tip of the iceberg of Kamala Khan. I think there is so much more she can do, and on that front, I think there’s a big road for that, some more spectacular power.”

Adil El Arbi

Considering Kamala’s powers were introduced and developed in a fairly unique way in the MCU, it makes sense that we are not done learning about them. The series’ creators previously mentioned that Ms. Marvel’s new MCU powers were, in part, meant to help the character fit in better with The Marvels. Director Billal Fallah added that her power growth will result in “a great can of action sequences.” The promise of Kamala’s abilities evolution certainly begs the question of whether she will ultimately have powers on par with Captain Marvel, who is arguably one of the strongest characters in the MCU.

Ms. Marvel is now streaming in its entirety on Disney+. The Marvels is scheduled to hit theaters on July 28, 2023.

Source: The Direct

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