‘Ms. Marvel’ Star Opens Up on Kamran’s True Intentions

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Ms. Marvel was a strong show that not only explored a powerful moment in Pakistani history but also a strong family show. Among all Marvel studios’ projects, this one is the most grounded with its exploration of what it means to be family. While the Clandestine didn’t get as much development as hoped, we still got a great addition in Kamran, who was played by young actor Rish Sha. In an interview with THR, the actor got a chance to talk about his character’s role and his true intentions.

There definitely is a difference. In the comics, he is a villain. He’s manipulative, and he uses Kamala. Whereas in the show, he’s actually coming from a very pure place and a very genuine place of just wanting to belong and feel at home, and he has this immediate connection with Kamala across multiple fields. And then, obviously, by the end of the show, he’s able to share the connection of the Noor by having these powers and newfound abilities.

Rish Shah

He does add that Kamran’s moral compass isn’t as straightforward as Kamala’s, who has a good head on her shoulders. That distinction, especially with their very different family dynamics, adds to him actually being a guy with good intentions.

He definitely has a skewed moral compass and he’s definitely a bit more unsure of where he stands, but he does make that decision really early on to betray his family and protect Kamala. So that’s quite a big decision, and hopefully, that shows that he’s actually a good guy with good intentions.

Rish Shah

Shah also shared how he interpreted Kamran’s motivation and generally how he was inspired to tackle the character for his first live-action venture.

Yeah, I played it as genuine in my mind, but it’s nice that it’s up for debate. It’s always interesting when you have a character with a bit more complexity to them and their intentions, so it’s nice that it can swing both ways. Hopefully, it’s more engaging and interesting. But in my mind, he was genuinely just connecting with someone. Iman said this before about Kamala, but she hasn’t been able to spend time in her high school life around someone else who is able to just openly and confidently talk about their culture, specifically. So I think Kamran has felt the same way.

Rish Shah

The series ended in a way that opens up on a way to allow his character to further develop in whichever direction he wants. He could potentially become a member of the Red Dagger to find his own place in the world, or perhaps even further explore what exactly the Noor universe is all about. So, they definitely left the door open for many different angles to take the character.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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