‘MS. MARVEL’ Merch Hits Online Stores Ahead of Upcoming Release

With Marvel Studios Disney Plus streaming series Loki having completed its run, fans are wondering what the next live action Marvel Studios series will debut and when to expect it. Thanks to some t-shirts becoming available at Hot Topic, we probably have an answer to one of those questions and a pretty good idea for another. Ms. Marvel shirts have gone online for order indicating that we can probably expect Disney to follow their original plan and release Ms. Marvel next.

Ms. Marvel has always been next up for Disney Plus despite fans’ beliefs to the contrary. Last December during their Investor Day extravaganza, Marvel Studios released a fact sheet listing their properties in chronological order. That sheet showed Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye as late-2021 releases with Ms. Marvel coming first. While changes are always a part of the Hollywood machine and have already been made to the schedule (Loki moved by a month and Blade by a year), there has been nothing to indicate the order of these two series would be altered. In fact, it still makes a lot of sense for Hawkeye to come out in November and end it’s run before Christmas. If we were set to see Hawkeye next instead of Ms. Marvel, this article would include Hawkeye merch and it sure does not. While there’s no clear cut pattern for it yet, merch for the previous D+ series seems to have been popping up online an average of 2-3 months ahead of release, so we might be looking at a September or October release for Ms. Marvel, should that pattern hold.

Ms. Marvel is set to introduce audiences to a new version of Marvel Comics character Kamala Khan, played by Iman Vellani, to the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse and will stream exclusively on Disney Plus this year.

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