‘MS. MARVEL’: Shedding Some Light on Today’s Set Pictures.

We finally got our first look at Iman Vellani in character as Kamala Khan through some set pictures that seem to cover different scenes from the upcoming Ms. Marvel Disney+ show.

In these pictures, we get to see Kamala riding a bike, her go-to mode of transportation, while displaying her Carol Danvers love by wearing a Captain Marvel helmet. But the more interesting set is the one where we see her at night, with a friend (most likely Bruno Carrelli, that ended up being the only of Kamala’s friends that knew of her Ms. Marvel secret identity), on what should be her parent’s house doorstep.

The first thing we notice is that both are wearing costumes. Kamala a Captain Marvel one, while Bruno looks an awful lot like Bruce Banner. The helmet he is seen wearing seems a bit out of character, but since Kamala also has her’s attached to her backpack, the explanation should be a simple one: They both were out with their bikes. And why would two highschool kids be out at night? The costumes seem to indicate that this scene should be set during Halloween which makes them being out understandable – and could we be looking at a Halloween 2021 release date? – and it also takes us to a cool reference from Ms. Marvel #1 from 2014.

The Halloween perspective is interesting. It helps to immediately set up Kamala’s personality, how she loves Carol, and also makes her connection to Bruno an easy one to understand – they both love the Avengers -. It also gives Kamala a reason to stay up late, breaking the curfew her strict parents usually impose on her.

And that’s what we see Bruno helping her with on the following set pictures. She’s trying to get to her room through her window so as not to compromise herself by using the front door. Could this be the night where she gets her powers? In the comics the night she gets exposed to the Terrigen Mist, which gives her polymorphic powers, she was alone. She had left Bruno behind and got home looking like Captain Marvel as she was still getting used to her powers. So, unless her powers now only surface overnight, like in 2002’s Spider-Man, these shots should be from an earlier night, that might set up the night she gains her powers. Kamala always tried to respect what her parents asked of her, but once she broke curfew there was little stopping her from doing it again. So maybe an honest mistake on Halloween is what made her stay out late later or, as she began her journey as Ms. Marvel.

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