‘Mulan’ Premiere Access Only Lasts Until December

Hard to believe that Mulan was originally going to air back in April. After all this time, the film will finally premiere on Disney+ next week. This time, however, it will only be available through the streaming services’ new add-on titled Premier Access. Anyone with an account can access the film but only if they pay an additional fee. It was promised that this wasn’t just going to be a rental but you would have access to it as long as you have your subscription. As such, we all assumed that it wouldn’t be made available on Disney+ for quite some time. Looks like our assumptions were wrong, as on European accounts the film was updated with a rather interesting tidbit.


As you can see, it clearly states that the film will be made available by December 4th for all Disney+ subscribers. This is huge, as it means that what you pay is to so you can see it early. Now it makes sense why Disney was so keen on confirming it wasn’t a rental and you’d have access to it as long as you are a subscriber. I mean, most of us expected the film to be made available at some point in the future. We compared this to other services internationally and there is no sight of it in the U.S. So far, this only seems to be confirmed for Europe.

Still, it is a surprise that it would premiere anytime this year. You’d think they’d try to get as many people to give Premier Access a try instead of knowing they can just wait a little bit longer. Plus, they have to make up for the lost Box Office numbers they would’ve made normally with a release in the cinema. This is an intriguing move which could also be a test to see if they can make use of this new function in the future. Instead of relying on other VOD services, they can offer an early access to recent films before rolling them out on the platform. It is also interesting to note that the recently released “one-week” video does not include this information. There is a good chance this was added only recently and won’t be actively advertised.

Alongside this update, we also got a look at brand new posters to highlight the film’s cast. Each one also includes the Premier Access branding for Disney+. No sign about it being available by December here either.

Source: Twitter (Video), Twitter (Cast)


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