Gamescom: ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Reassemble in CG Trailer

Next week, Marvel’s Avengers will finally be released. It has been quite the ride since its initial announcement back in 2017. Looking back, it didn’t say much but we did get the first tease of the game’s story about reassembling the team. Now, three years later we got a reveal trailer, two war tables with one on the horizon and three weekends of testing out the Beta. Now, it’s only a few more days before we can play as our favorite Avengers. To celebrate the launch, Crystal Dynamics will even hold an additional War Table to reveal our first look at what post-launch content we can expect. It doesn’t even stop there, as now during Gamescom weekend, they also released a short CGI trailer to promote the game one last time.

Almost wished they showed this trailer a while back. We get a great heroic shot with the team before Ms. Marvel interrupts Cap’s speech. Everyone’s quirks are highlighted with a brief addition of showcasing a few players experiencing the game. Eagle-eyed viewers might even notice that one girl is wearing a She-Hulk shirt, who is one of the leaked DLC characters for the game.

It all comes to a confrontation with M.O.D.O.K. before it ends. This is the first time we get to see him in action since they revealed his true form. This trailer teases a lot of action and I almost hope that each new story expansion gets a brief trailer like this teasing the main antagonist. Only drawback, it makes me even more impatient to get my hands on the game.

Source: YouTube (2017), YouTube (2020)

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