Murphy’s Team-Up Volume 18: MoM Trailer Reactions

The full trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness debuted one week ago. Now that we’ve all had time to properly digest it, here are our thoughts

Anthony Canton III

The trailer really gave us an inkling of what’s to come. Visually, it makes this movie feel like a spectacle of epic proportions. The multiple Strange variants and Wanda variants were quite the treat. It leans into some of what we know as far as Wanda being the real villain of the story. Seeing the Ultron bots and what seems to be Charles Xavier and the Illuminati was quite the shot. It was just enough of an appetizer to make us speculate and think what’s next.

One of the bigger questions personally, is we see what clearly seems to be a variant version of Mordo. Where’s the original one? With his plan of no more sorcerers from the end of Doctor Strange, it has to feel like he’ll be in direct conflict with someone like Wanda who’s been studying the Darkhold. To bottom line the trailer, you get the sense that the MCU is in the process of big change. When it’s all said and done you have to wonder if Kang will be waiting at the end to pick the bones of what’s left of this multiverse of madness.

Filip Manka

The new trailer looks fantastic to me and that board with Sam Raimi’s name on it is not a lie, because indeed his style is evident in this trailer. It was already clear at the teaser trailer that visually the film would be interesting and better than the “standard” Marvel movie, but this trailer has raised the bar and my expectations. It looks insane and conceptually it’s inventive and creative (the shot of Strange’s face falling apart or the zoom in on Wanda’s eye). Moreover, the special effects aren’t plastic this time and look spectacular, at least at the trailer stage, and the improved color grading and photo saturation enhance that layer.

Still my most anticipated MCU movie this year. I’ll swallow the cameos and fanservice, but let’s hope the direction and visuals will deliver because the trailer gave me an appetite for more. Finally, we get Ditko’s weirdness in a proper release. Raimi, I trust you <3

Joseph Aberl

I didn’t expect a full trailer drop during the Super Bowl, but what a way to let people know there’s a big one heading our way. The multiverse opens up many possibilities, and it was uncertain just how much the marketing might lean into it. Luckily, the trailer did exactly that while still offering a grounded focus on Strange as its central figure. The Patrick Stewart tease was fitting, as they leaned into the rumors without giving it fully away. We get small bits of the story here or there, as they still keep America Chavez as somewhat of a mystery. It did add a lot of excitement to its release and I cannot wait to see what the first 2022 Marvel Studios film has in store for us.

Mary Maerz

 I absolutely adore how intense and eerie the trailer is–I think it is worth noting that there is not a single joke or moment of comic relief in the entire thing. The visuals so far look phenomenal and on point with what I would want in a Doctor Strange story. It was no secret that the movie would have horror-inspired elements, but the trailer really showcased that Multiverse of Madness might genuinely have a dramatically different tone than other MCU films. It’s pretty clear that Marvel is putting a lot of importance on this one, which is cool to see for a solo film, and for a film without the traditional A-team MCU heroes. I’m actually so excited! I really think it has the potential to be one of the most visually exciting, adrenaline-pumping, awe-inspiring MCU film. I’m ready for Wanda to go nutty. Mentally unstable, confident, evil-adjacent or adversarial women are vastly underrated. I have yet to see better villains or threats than those.

It did completely hide the ball when it comes to…the plot. I get that it wants to preserve some sort of secrecy, but it is hard to gauge from the trailer if the substance of the movie is going to live up to the grandiosity of the trailer and the potential I think it has. Honestly, I barely care about all the teases and surprise cameos at this point. Maybe it is No Way Home fatigue, but the idea of seeing mostly (I’m guessing) one-off cameos is cool but not something that is going to make or break the film for me. Big cameos are exciting, but less so after Twitter has thoroughly broken down every single one of them, and once they’re revealed, they lose that “wow!” shine pretty quickly. Don’t get me wrong, when we’re talking about a dive into the multiverse, there should definitely be some multiversal characters, but I hope they add quality rather than just fan service quantity.

Nathan Miller

I loved the trailer! I’ve watched it quite a few times since it debuted, and am still stunned by small discoveries I pick up with each new viewing. I’m fascinated by the fact that the story seems to be building for Stephen Strange from his debut, through other appearances and into this film. I love the themes that seem to be developing around control, corruption and complexities. I can’t wait to see Wanda and the spectacle it seems she will deliver! The trailer gives just enough hints and the things to come without giving too much away. Really intrigued by how it pushes the Marvel Cinematic Universe forward. The sign for whether I really enjoyed a trailer is how much I go back to watch it and whether the music sticks with me and both seem to be the case. In some ways, I can’t believe this film is real. I’m counting down the days until we can buy tickets and then go see it!

Charles Murphy

Not your run-of-the-mill Marvel Studios trailer…and I love it. Obviously, we’ll have to wait to see the movie until we know for sure, but it feels like Marvel Studios is working hard to move away from their standard fare and to begin creating some truly unique experiences for audiences. This seemingly began with Eternals and will continue with Moon Knight and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. That starts with having a director on board with a strong vision and that, in this case, is Sam Raimi. I’d say this trailer looks more like a trailer for a Raimi film than a Marvel Studios film…and that’s just fine with me.

Dalbin Osorio

One word: amazing.
Marvel’s decision to give us as much as they did (a Captain Marvel that isn’t Carol Danvers, Patrick Stewart’s Xavier, a Sanctum that looks like it’s residing at the very end of time and may have Kang waiting for Dr. Strange) leads me to believe that a) we don’t know as much as we think and b) we know enough to continue piecing where we are headed. 

Whispers Secret Wars.

The theme for Phase 4 seems to be that our heroes get put through the ringer post-Endgame: as if the fight to save the universe didn’t take enough, you now have Wanda losing Vision again, Strange losing Christine Palmer, and this is after Spider-Man lost MJ. This movie has the distinction of building out three new teams, I’d suspect: the Defenders, Illuminati, and the Young Avengers, all with very distinct missions going forward. The trailer gave us pieces of all 3, and left us with more questions than answers, and in that respect it accomplished it’s mission. Oh, and Professor Xavier has never sounded so regal.

John Sabato

First of all, Sam Raimi back in the directors chair and on a comic book film is just absolutely perfect. He’s such a bright mind and his filmography is amazing, so this movie is surely going to have that classic Raimi flair.  Multiverse of Madness looks pretty nuts and, based off that new trailer, I feel like it can definitely live up to NWH and even exceed it. I’m definitely even more interested to see Cumberbatch and Olsen return as Strange and Maximoff after the ending of WandaVision. I feel like we’re gonna see a real push forward on the mystical/supernatural side of the MCU and see that expanded like crazy. But what really has me excited is how close the movie is and how we won’t have to spend months and months listening to awful fan theories and “will they wont they” like Superior Iron Man compared to how annoying the lead up to Spider-Man: No Way Home was.

Joao Pinto

he trailer certainly did its job in hyping up a movie that’ll prove pivotal to the MCU’s future. The Doctor Strange IP has managed to bring us some of the most innovative visuals ever since its 2016 debut, the battle between Strange and Thanos on Titan in Avengers: Endgame and even the Mirror Dimension sequence in Spider-Man: No Way Home. By taking advantage of these insane visual cues the trailer made the movie truly feel like a big cinematic event, that’ll manage to breathe fresh air into the MCU as a whole by moving away from the usual landscapes and moving into whole new realities. These new realities, apparently inhabited by not-so-new characters, are yet another huge draw that the trailer manages to bank on.

I’m personally mostly against bringing specific versions of characters into the MCU that perhaps should have been simply rebooted in this new universe. But the concept of the Multiverse basically permits infinite versions of each reality and/or character, and this allows for the best of both worlds. We now can get iconic actors playing iconic roles that bring the intended emotional resonance to the movie without really needing to bring all the useless baggage from their earlier features. And in that sense, the references to the cameos that we are all sure to get in a couple of months are immensely gratifying, making the trailer a home run on all fronts.

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