‘My Hero Academia’: The Story So Far

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There aren’t many manga series that have achieved the international acclaim and success that My Hero Academia has. It’s become one of the most popular manga franchises, and with the fifth season finally airing this week, we’re going to recap the events of the first four seasons to get you guys ready to continue Midoriya’s story in the U.A.


Season 1

The first season kicks off with the introduction of our protagonist, Izuku Midoriya. In a world where individuals are born with special abilities known as “quirks,” he was born without one. This revelation, however, did not stop him from trying to achieve his dream of becoming a hero like his inspiration, All Might. When fate has them cross paths, his icon acknowledges Izuku’s dream and takes him on as his successor. He’s eventually accepted into his dream school, U.A., and enters Class 1A. Izuku’s classmates are pictured below:



The class starts hero training with their professor and hero, Shota Aizawa. The season ends with Class 1A facing off against the newly founded League of Villains. They can delay the villain’s plans until All Might comes in to save the day.


Season 2


The second season kicks off with the first-year students showcasing their quirks to the world in a massive scale tournament. When it’s all said and done, Katsuki Bakugo ends up winning. Shortly after, pro heroes offer the students at 1A temporary internships. Izuku undergoes tutelage under Gran Torino, All Might’s former master. With his help, he learns how to control his quirk. In the meantime, a city gets attacked by the League of Villains. Izuku, Todoroki, and Tenya team up to take down a villain named Stain.

Following Stain’s defeat, more villains were motivated to rise against the heroes. The final arc of the season has class 1A taking on their teachers for their final exam. The season ends with Izuku and Shigaraki coming face-to-face once again. It ends setting up Shigaraki as one of the big villains of the My Hero story.


Season 3

The third season starts with the two hero classes traveling to a Summer Camp, where they learn to master their quirks. That all changed when the League of Villains attacked the campsite. Their goal was to distract the pro heroes so they could abduct Bakugo.

Following those events, the heroes immediately go out in search of Bakugo and the villain’s hideout. Meanwhile, Izuku, Kirishima, Shoto, Momo, and Tenya decide to take matters into their own hands to rescue Bakugo. They succeed in doing so. Meanwhile, All Might takes on the League’s founder, All for One, in a massive battle. All Might ultimately win the battle but retires after the match.

The final arc subjects class 1A to a rigorous exam to receive their Provisional Hero Licenses. Nearly all the students passed except for Bakugo and Todoroki. The season ends with Bakugo and Deku going head to head in a match. All Might intervene to explain everything to Bakugo regarding One for All.


Season 4

The most recent season picks up right where the third season ended. The students participate in different work studies under the tutelage of pro heroes. Izuku gets to work for All Might’s former sidekick, Sir Nighteye. He is investigating a Yakuza group led by the villainous Chisaki. He has been creating a drug that can steal quirks. It is based on the blood of a poor girl named Eri. These events lead to the Shie Hassaikai raid, where the heroes attempt to rescue Eri and stop the madman. They succeed, but at a cost. The young hero, Mirio, loses his powers, and Sir Nighteye dies in battle. Luckily, he gets a chance to reconcile with All Might.

Following these events, U.A. held its annual school festival, which almost got disrupted by two villains. It ends up getting foiled by Izuku. After the School Festival, Endeavor officially becomes the world’s no. 1 hero. We also get introduced to the brand new No. 2, Hawks. They both travel to Fukuoka, where a genetically-altered person, also known as a Nomu, appears and fights the two heroes. The season ends with Izuku having a mysterious dream. In it, he sees all of the former users of the One For All quirk. He witnesses the exchange between All For One and the original One For All. He ends up waking up before he gets to see the rest of that story.


And now you’re all caught up for Season 5 of My Hero Academia.

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