Natalie Portman Hints at Jane Foster’s Battle with Cancer in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

When Natalie Portman came to Hall H at 2019’s SDCC, it was revealed that the actress would be wielding Mjolnir in her return to the MCU. Thor: Love and Thunder will adapt Jason Aaron’s acclaimed comic run that saw Jane Foster battle frost giants as the Mighty Thor while battling cancer.

While it’s been pretty clear for a while that the MCU version of Jane will also be fighting cancer, Portman has all but confirmed it in an interview with Disney’s D23 magazine. The actress explained that it was the potential to deal with the duality of The Mighty Thor that brought her back to the MCU:

What Thor doesn’t know is that Jane is secretly struggling with a terrible hardship-something she’s able to conceal so long as she’s wielding Mjölnir. Portman was intrigued by the prospect of playing someone who is as weak as she is strong, depending on her circumstance.

D23 Magazine

A trip to New Asgard in Thor: Love and Thunder (one that was captured in some leaked set photos) looks to be the impetus for Jane’s transformation into the Mighty Thor in the MCU. How her battle with cancer will work its way into the plot of the film remains to be seen, as does whether or not her character will win that battle and continue on in the MCU.

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