Naughty Dog Developing Stand-Alone ‘The Last of Us’ Multiplayer Game

Naughty Dog is currently developing a standalone multiplayer The Last of Us game that’s said to have a “big story.”

It’s official, fans are getting another The Last of Us game. It just won’t be the one they thought would happen. It was announced at Summer Game Fest that Naughty Dog is hard at work developing a brand new entry in its world of the infected, only this time it won’t be a concentrated single-player story. Instead, The Last of Us franchise will see the release of it’s first full-scale, stand-alone multiplayer game. The project is being described as an “extremely ambitious undertaking,” and Naughty Dog confirmed it will be growing the studio significantly to make sure all the needed work can be accomplished.

Official Concept Art

The game, which does not yet have an official title, was created in response to the immensely positive reception of the original game’s “Factions” mode. There, players could take a break from Joel and Ellie’s story and jump into the shoes of a survivor working with either the “Fireflies” or the “Hunters.” The objective of each round was to gather supplies from around the given map to keep the chosen “faction” healthy, fighting off or working with other online users along the way. Players could choose to do this stealthily or in the form of an all-out firefight. After years of dedicated fans asking for an expansion, the developer decided it would be in their best interest to double down and produce a fully independent multiplayer game.

Not much else is known about this new entry in The Last of Us saga just yet. The project’s co-director Vinit Agarwal claimed it would be one of the studio’s “biggest efforts yet” in a post shared to Twitter. Also heading the development team are co-director Anthony Newman and narrative lead Joe Pettinati.

Source: Naughty Dog, Twitter

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