Netflix Adds Fan-Favorite ‘Spectacular Spider-Man’ Animated series

spectacular spiderman netflix

We’ve been enjoying a splurge of great Spider-Man films with No Way Home breaking records even during the pandemic. Yet, many also fondly remember some of his greatest hits like the animated series like The Spectacular Spider-Man, which sadly ended a little too early due to the rights issues between Sony and Marvel. Now, the fan-favorite series created by Greg Weisman (Gargoyles) and Victor Cook (Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated) may find a second life as it’s been added to Netflix.

Luckily, they’ve added both seasons for those hoping to give it another shot. It should be noted that the project is likely part of Sony’s long-term deal with Netflix which they’ll add to their library. We’ve recently seen some of the classic Spider-Man films join Disney+, which were on the Netflix streamer for quite some time. So, we might have to wait a few years and it could also find its way to a Disney-owned streamer.

One of the things that made Spectacular Spider-Man so special was how it balanced the more personal life of Peter Parker with his time as a hero. It also was a series that didn’t shy away from Peter’s darker side and let him face the consequences of his own actions in a story that continued to evolve over time. Some people are hoping that its addition to Netflix may spark interest in reviving the project similar to how others were given a second life through their popularity on streaming services. So, we’ll see if there’s a future for this project to return after all.

Source: Netflix, ComicBook

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