Netflix Kicks-Off Production on ‘Arcane’ Season 2

arcane season 2

Arcane has been quite the sleeper hit for many, as it offered a heartwarming story between two sisters in the animated adaptation of the popular League of Legends game series. Champions Jinx and Vi take the show’s main focus, as we explore their time together and apart that would shape them into the characters we know and love today. The series was quite the hit and it seems Netflix wasn’t interested in wasting any time, as they’ve announced the second season has now entered production.

The adaptation is quite impressive with a unique visual style and some strongly emotional moments. Jinx and Vi’s story hit hard as we also get a look at this unique world and the birth of Hextech. It’ll be interesting to see how they approach the second season and if we might continue the story set-up or if we’ll also see the potential of other Champions taking the main role in a story. Still, the fact that we got an announcement so early is a showcase of how popular the series was and it’ll be interesting if other League of Legends storylines get their own series moving forward.

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