Netflix Renews ‘The Cuphead Show’ for Season 2

cuphead show season 2

The Cuphead Show was just recently released on Netflix, which introduced the world to an animated take on the video game inspired by Fleischer-era animated projects. Its iconic blend of modern and classic animation made it a standout on the service, and luckily Netflix saw the potential with the confirmation that Season 2 is on the horizon. Not only that, but it looks like they are already eyeing a release this summer, which hints that they’ve already been hard at work on the next batch of episodes for some time now.

The game was revolutionary when it was first released, as it not only offered a challenging game but also wrapped it in a very iconic packaging. The boss rush style was perfect to include a variety of characters that bend and move as some might recall from old animated series like Betty Boop. An animated series seemed like a no-brainer at the time and it was great to see Netflix’s attempt not only pay tribute to it – even some of the jokes had that classic styling – but also add some modern flourishes.

The cast was great, and while not binding itself down with an overarching narrative, there are some nice connecting episodes to keep your attention. It’ll be interesting to see how the second season builds on the end of the first, which did introduce the character of Chalice, who got Cuphead and Mugman into quite the heap of trouble. So, we’ll see how long their criminal record will truly stick with them.

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