REVIEW: ‘How I Met Your Father’ Episode 8 – “The Perfect Shot”

how I met your father episode 8

The race for Sophie’s love is full steam ahead but now things are murky. We follow her as she continues her relationship hunting and further develops what she built with Drew. Yet, things take a turn in episode 8, as we see a relationship bloom rather unexpectedly. So, without further ado, let’s just dive in.

The latest episode does start off slow, looking to be a typical sitcom story in the same vein as the previous one. Yet, as it progressed, however, I liked more and more of it. Random civilians on the streets are now getting involved in comedic moments, much like How I Met Your Mother. The silly humor was captivating whereas in some previous episodes it could get a little cringy. The character’s situations this time around were far more relatable, as instead of the usual pairings, this episode certainly changed some things up.

Last week, I complained that for being in a relationship, Valentina and Charlie hadn’t had a lot of development ever since their heart to heart earlier in the season. Luckily, this week was different. While still presenting their relationship as a comedic duo, the two still managed to progress in this episode as Charlie begins to do things for Valentina that aren’t selfish. Compared to when we first saw him with his higher-than-thou attitude, it’s nice to see him break out of his shell more and more, especially when it comes to his love.

Sid and Ellen have paired up this episode, as they attempted to cover for Jesse with his ex-girlfriend who has suddenly appeared. The two haven’t been majorly involved up until now, but as they are both the closest to Jesse–being his sister and best friend–it was nice to see them together to help her out. Speaking of his ex, it’s great to see her in the picture for some added tension going into the last two episodes, but I’ll dive deeper into that later on.

The largest moments from the episode, of course, surrounded Sophie. But this time it did not only involve Drew. We know that Jesse has had a crush on Sophie since day one, but up until now, the two have agreed neither of them is ready for something serious and that they are better off as friends. However, this episode may put a knife in those plans. As Sophie suffers from drama with Drew, Jesse seizes the opportunity. No further spoilers on that, however.

With Drew and Jesse both competing for Sophie now, and on more equal footing than before, Meredith, Jesse’s ex showing up, and multiple other suitors still in play, the final two episodes are definitely being set up for something big. I have said before that Ian, a gentleman that Sophie had an immediate connection with in the first episode, is definitely in play still and I feel he might make his return. I don’t see why they would have set him up with Sophie if they weren’t going to do something with him.

Considering they did not know they were being renewed for a second season until after production was already over, I’m betting we see that comeback sooner rather than later. Having three established relationships in play, drama in at least two of them, and plenty of more possibly fathers out there, the race is on and more confusing than ever. This emotional attachment is definitely what the show needed, as it was what made How I Met Your Father so popular during its run time.

The finale is just two weeks away, and I currently believe How I Met Your Father is on track for an unforgettable end to its first season. I currently cannot wait to see how all of these loose plotlines come together for what’s looking like a major decision for Sophie, and a possibly amazing twist for fans. The show needs to end on an iconic moment, as it is going up against How I Met Your Mother‘s original conclusion with Robin and Ted getting together, as well as the unfortunate break-up between Marshall and Lilly. That moment would set the tone for the entire rest of the show, with those iconic moments coming into play multiple times per season. It’ll surely keep viewers coming back week to week. Hopefully, How I Met Your Father will be able to deliver, and so far with what has been set up, I believe they can.

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