Netflix’s ‘Luke Cage’ Originally Was Set to Film After ‘Iron Fist’

netflix luke cage

Here’s an interesting reveal, it seems that Netflix’s Luke Cage series was originally going to film after Iron Fist. As all Marvel series are about to leave the platform in a week, showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker used the chance to revisit the cultural landmark series and shared some details from behind the scenes. Among the many astounding insights into what was cut or added into the project, Coker revealed that Luke Cage was originally going to shoot much later and it was due to his inspiration to write up a draft for the series’ bible after a spark of inspiration.

It’s always incredible to think about what one spark of inspiration can do to a project. Here’s hoping we get to see that bible one day, and learn more about what rules the project set itself to bring the character to life. Here’s hoping that Coker may have a chance to return to the character and continue his story through Marvel Studios. These cultural storylines are even more important as the franchise continues to explore different corners, and it makes you hope Mike Colter’s take on the character gets a chance to interact with Sam Wilson. There’s a lot to explore here and hopefully, we’ll find out more soon.

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