Regina King Almost Directed an Episode of ‘Luke Cage’

regina king luke cage

Looking back at any series or film, it’s sometimes the things that didn’t end up happening that catch our curiosity the most. Cheo Hodari Coker, the showrunner of Netflix’s Luke Cage series, has taken to Twitter to share some memories from bringing the cultural landmark to life. Not only did he reveal that Iron Fist was originally going to film before their project did, it seems that they also had plans for Regina King to tackle an episode. Sadly, it seems that he was outvoted on her inclusion. Sadly, it didn’t happen but that didn’t stop the actress from leaving quite an impression, especially with her directorial work on One Night in Miami… back in 2020.

From the sound of it, she would’ve joined Lucy Liu, who was also a fantastic get for the project, in its second season. Besides the already mentioned film, King has also been known for her work on pürojects like the animated The Boondocks series, The Strain, and taking on the main role for Watchmen. She also sat behind the director’s chair for projects like This is Us, Scandal, and more. Her directorial debut also led to her becoming the second African-American woman to get nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Director. She is certainly on the radar for a new project, and we’ll see if Marvel Studios may make up for the fact the Netflix series missed out on her.

Source: Twitter

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