New ‘Cruella’ Poster Released by Disney

disney cruella poster

Disney has been making a lot of live-action adaptations based on their various animated films over the past decade. Most have been straight-up remakes, but a few have functioned more like sequels, such as 2010’s Alice in Wonderland continuing the story of the 1951 animated classic of the same name. Disney’s next film in their live-action pipeline is Cruella. This one is based in the world of One Hundred and One Dalmatians but isn’t a sequel but rather a prequel focused on the titular character. It is the second live-action adaptation of the franchise, as we got a remake of the original with a sequel starring Glenn Close.

This one is a prequel telling the origin story of the villainous Cruella de Vil, who is played by Emma Stone, as she works in the world of fashion and develops a certain fascination with dogs’ skins. To announce the upcoming trailer, Disney just revealed our first trailer for the film:

The movie got announced as a theatrical release, and it seems to be still aiming for its May 26th release. Nothing was said to indicate a delay or change in the release method. They are officially teasing tomorrow’s trailer for the film, which will likely provide an update on whether a theatrical run is still planned. There is a chance it will be heading straight to Disney+ as several other Disney movies have during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The punk rock aesthetic is an interesting take for the iconic character and will offer a unique viewing experience for long-time Disney fans.

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