New ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ Clip May Hint at a Curious ‘Moon Knight’ Connection

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A clip for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness shows off Doctor Strange’s abilities while he is protecting America Chavez. At first, she is seemingly being attacked by an invisible enemy that Strange unveils to actually be Gargantos, the MCU’s version of Shuma Gorath. While he was heavily promoted with promotional artwork, it seems like we’ll see the character quite early in the film. Yet, the moment we saw the bus being picked up by something invisible, it was quite reminiscent of another recent Marvel Studios project that included otherworldly monsters. It reminded me of when Steven Grant was being chased by invisible jackals in Moon Knight.

It almost seems like there’s a chance that creatures from another world are invisible when they enter our reality. Arthur Harrow uses his staff provided by Ammet to open a portal through which these mysterious jackals come crawling out. While Grant was able to see them, probably due to his connection to Khonshu, Layla had no idea what exactly he was talking about. We would then see the strange creature leave an impact on the world with a car getting crushed and more. So, while it seems like he might be in Grant’s head, he actually has a tangible effect on the world around him. The same rule applies to his God Khonshu, who seemingly can only be seen by him and no one else.

Moon Knight Episode 2: Why Only Steven/ Marc Can See the Monsters?

The clip that was shared seems to have a similar effect, where he is invisible to those standing around and it takes Strange’s magic to give us an actual first look at the creature. So, it does open up the possibility that the many mystical creatures in this world actually can’t be seen by normal people. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings also hinted that many mystical creatures stem from alternative realities. Perhaps traveling into another reality somehow makes them invisible and allows them to stay hidden from the public. That might explain why the MCU rarely mentions any supernatural creatures and they still remain legends or stories.

With the Halloween special on the horizon, we might get to explore that aspect even more. Elsa Bloodstone is rumored to appear in the Werewolf by Night project, and someone who specializes in monster hunting seems like the perfect person to finally explain why these creatures are seemingly invisible. The consistency between Multiverse of Madness and Moon Knight adds a little speculation to how these creatures work within our world. Plus, it’s a great consistency if this is, in fact, how they’ll tackle these supernatural creatures moving forward.

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