New Filing Identifies Christopher McDonald’s ‘Secret Invasion’ Character

Marvel Studios first streaming series of 2023, Secret Invasion, will debut on Disney Plus in just over three weeks and the hype for the project has begun to build. The series will see Samuel L. Jackson‘s Nick Fury uncover an ongoing plot hatched years ago by a faction of Skrulls who seek to take over the Earth. The promotional footage and material from the show has leaned heavily into the paranoid aspects of the spy thriller though one character who is rumored to play a heavy role in that has been notably absent.

Happy Gilmore star Christopher McDonald was cast in what has been described as a newly-created “Tucker Carlson-esque news anchor” who will almost certainly stoke the flames of paranoia throughout the series. Thanks to a filing at the US Copyright site, his character name has been revealed.

It seems McDonald’s character will go by the name of Chris Stearn, a name not associated with any Marvel Comics character though it could be a reference to legendary shock jock Howard Stern. The idea of a talking head who fans the flames of paranoia–and who could himself be a Skrull for that matter–is a great touch that provides some interesting commentary on the state of modern media. As originally reported, McDonald’s Stearn could end up finding himself included in other projects down the road after appearing in a fairly regular supporting role in Secret Invasion.

Who do you trust? Marvel Studios Secret Invasion begins streaming on June 21st.

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