New ‘Hawkeye’ Set Photos Offer Closer Look at Alaqua Cox’s Echo

hawkeye echo

It has been some time since we got our last look at the Hawkeye set. A while back, we got our first look at the new supporting character of Maya Lopez, who is better known as Echo. Alaqua Cox will debut as the deaf Native American character in the series, which will then be the jumping-off point into her own Disney+ show. It is still uncertain how her character fits into the story that is set up, but her comic origins include her carrying the title of Ronin at some point, which may play a factor.

The newly released photos offer a better look at Cox. She isn’t wearing a comic-accurate costume and the iconic white handprint on her face is missing. Still, it looks like the show is taking a more grounded approach with her in motorcycle gear. After taking a closer look and with the help of our amazing Discord, she does have her comic symbol embroider in the leather jacket. If you look closely it also looks like she is joined by Fra Fee, who is playing Kazi in the series, which could imply them working together.

Check out the images on Just Jared by clicking here.

It’ll be interesting to see how her story intertwines with Clint’s, as he tries to teach a young Kate Bishop how to become the next Hawkeye. They may take the angle of her also wanting to take on his mantle, such as becoming the new Ronin. There are many different angles they can take with her character. The fact she is getting a spin-off show may also hint at a larger role moving forward. Her comic incarnation has close ties to Daredevil, which could be an interesting angle to work on with his potential appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Whatever direction they go, we will find out later this year when the show premieres on Disney+.

Source: Just Jared


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