New Look at Pablo Schreiber’s Master Chief in Paramount+’s ‘Halo’ Series

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Halo has been going through quite a revival, as not only has the Halo: Infinite multiplayer been welcomed with open arms but its campaign was added recently. Entertainment Weekly used the opportunity to also share a new look at Pablo Schreiber‘s upcoming take of the franchise’s protagonist, Master Chief. The production was hit hard by the pandemic, as they had to take a six-month hiatus during its filming in Budapest. Luckily, after a long wait, we’ll finally see what a live-action take on the franchise might look like and Master Chief’s design looks quite fateful to the games.


The actor has described the role as “a herculean task” and what it meant to bring the character to life for the now Paramount+ original series. It’s planned to finally release later this year. In a recent interview he highlighted the weight that was on their shoulders for tackling this project:

It’s a huge job, from setting the tone on set down to the grueling task of waking up at the crack of dawn to work out, then go to shoot, and go home to work out some more. Nothing about it is easy, and I wouldn’t want it to be.

He promises that the series will “crack the veneer” to bring the iconic video game franchise to life, especially with how most adaptations face some issues in translating into other mediums. It’s an exciting prospect and here’s hoping it can live up to the weight of the original.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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