New ‘Ms.Marvel’ Documentary Special to Release Ahead of Disney+ Premiere

ms marvel special

Here’s a pleasant surprise, as it looks like a new exclusive look and documentary short will be released ahead of the series premiere of Ms. Marvel. The special will include a look back at her comic origins, as well as how they brought the Disney+ series to life with interviews. The team behind the series, as well as Iman Vellani, who plays Kamala Khan, will be part of the new documentary short titled A Fan’s Guide to Ms. Marvel.” The short is currently eyeing a June 1st release.

There are no further details currently on what will be included and if it includes entire footage from the series, or if it may focus on the interviews. The June release is just a week away from the Disney+ series premiere. So, we’ll likely see a similar tease like with Hawkeye back during Disney+ Day, which also included a brief segment from a future episode of the December series ahead of its premiere.

There’s a lot of history even if the character was only introduced in 2013. It’s a nice touch to introduce the character to people that might want to catch up with her comic history before jumping into the series. Plus, we might see more of this small documentary when they introduce new character’s to the franchise that some might not be too familiar with. We’ll see if we might get something similar with the release of She-Hulk in the future, as they find a way to ease in new viewers to these characters as the MCU continues to expand with new characters that are more obscure than others.

Source: What’s on Disney Plus

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