New ‘Ms. Marvel’ Set Photos Tease a ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Connection

ms marvel set photos

It looks like set photos have slowly found their way online from the Ms. Marvel reshoots, which offer a curious update on what we can expect from the Disney+ series. What stands out is that these photos not only include Iman Vellani in the costume that was briefly teased in the initial Disney+ Day trailer, but the fact she is seemingly chased down by a very familiar-looking drone to Spider-Man fans.

Spider-Man: Far From Home viewers might instantly recognize the drone that Mysterio used to pin everything on Peter Parker. With the help of EDITH, these Stark Tech drones ended up causing a lot of damage to London Bridge. That wasn’t the last we saw of them, as they would eventually show up in No Way Home as the government seized the assets after Parker was blamed for Mysterio’s murder. So, there’s a chance that someone got their hand on it and repurposed You can check the images shared by @CosmicMMedia here:

It’s really interesting to see the drones make a return even if they aren’t the exact same that we saw back in No Way Home. Stark’s legacy might live on, but it opens up the question of who might be controlling them if they are chasing down Kamala. She may have her abilities already at this point. So, someone is out there trying to control the meta-human population. It’s not too dissimilar to Marvel’s Avengers plot, which also focused on the young Inhuman.

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