‘Across the Spider-Verse’ Producers Hint at MCU Crossover

across the spiderverse mcu

Fan-favorite Hollywood creatives Phil Lord and Chris Miller have a lot on their plates with the highly-anticipated sequel to their smash hit Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The next film in the series, the first of a two-part story, promises to introduce audiences to a plethora of new and exciting spider-verses. Just which ones viewers will see is still being kept mostly under wraps, though the world of Marvel 2099 seems like a safe bet, and the realm of Spider-Man: India was teased in the movie’s first trailer.

One fun idea fans haven’t been able to shake is the idea of a crossover with the live-action MCU. While the thought might have once seemed far-fetched, the multiversal shenanigans of Spider-Man: No Way Home have made anything seem possible. During a recent interview with the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Miller and Lord were asked directly about the possibility of a surprise universal overlap, and a connection between the MCU’s multiverse and their own. The answer was more optimistic than expected:

The Multiverse is big and wide. And all things grow… Why would you think a Multiverse, in which many things are possible, that [those things are] not related?

Chris Miller

Lord continued with the quip, “Everything’s possible except for this one thing that everyone wants.” Obviously, this confirms nothing. However, it does leave the door open for an animated Tom Holland to swing his way Across the Spider-Verse. Or even better, for a live-action Shameik Moore to appear as Miles Morales.

Source: Happy Sad Confused

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