New ‘SHANG-CHI’ IMAX Poster Hints at Fin Fang Foom

shang chi fin fang foom

It looks like Shang-Chi‘s marketing has finally ramped up, as we got a brand new IMAX poster for the film. Yet, there’s also a rather curious detail on it. While we see the Great Protector dragon, which was hinted at through a leaked Funko Pop and then confirmed in a brief sequence during the last trailer, he is joined by another strange dragon. In the exclusive reveal by, they confirm that it is a greenish-black dragon.

Now, the colors might be familiar to many that followed the comics, and our reports from back in September, there were hints at Fin Fang Foom’s lair, The Valley of the Sleeping Dragon, getting included in the film. We thought it might’ve been used for the white Great Protector, but it seems it might house two dragons. His design is also quite different from the comics. So, it might be a different one entirely but Marvel Studios is no stranger to changing the designs of comic characters. The color scheme would at least hint at a connection between the two.

shang-chi imax poster

No matter what character it turns south to be, the inclusion of more dragons opens up the film to a lot of interesting details we might’ve missed. Perhaps the Ten Rings have a different purpose after all and the green dragon is why the organization was born. It could also be the namesake for the Great Protector. There’s a lot of potential his inclusion could hint at, which might also be why they randomly included him in this poster.

Source: Comic Book

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