‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ Funko Pop Leak Confirms Dragon

shang-chi dragon

It looks like the trend continues that the rest of 2021’s Marvel Studios films are being revealed through toy leaks. We are still anxiously awaiting a trailer for Eternals and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which are set to release later this year. Especially, Shang-Chi was originally going to release in July before Black Widow took over the date. Even as we wait, it looks like we are getting a closer look at the film’s cast through toy leaks.

We got a first look at an action sequence featuring a dragon through LEGO sets and the Marvel Legends series revealed the Mandarin’s new adaptation of his iconic ten rings. LEGO hasn’t always been the most trustworthy reflection of a film or project, but it looks like that dragon was real, as a leak for the Funko set reveals a dragon named The Great Protector. The shared tweet by @SCBRMdia was brought to our attention by a Discord user from our own server.

The dragon’s inclusion once again confirms our report from some time ago about the inclusion of the Valley of Sleeping Dragons, where our titular hero will come face-to-face with the beast of Chinese mythology. The name would imply a good-natured dragon and there is still the potential of Fin Fang Foom showing up. It would be amazing if we get a showdown between these two massive dragons. The set also includes another look at the various characters that round out the cast. Hopefully, we’ll get a trailer for the film sooner rather than later to kick off the new Marvel Studios season in cinemas.

Source: Twitter

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