New ‘Shazam: Fury of the Gods’ Set Photos Reveal a Battle-Damaged Shazam

shazam 2 set photos

We got some brand new set photos from the set of Shazam: Fury of the Gods. While they don’t reveal too much from what’s happening, it does look like our favorite hero got badly damaged from a fight. We see Zachary Levi running away from something with parts of his suit looking worse to wear. It almost seems like something burned him. Just two weeks ago, we got a first look at Helen Mirren on set as Hespera. Perhaps he took damage while fighting her. The photos were posted by Twitter user @neorvng, who got the photos as they were filming the scene. The shots show the actor racing past him.

What makes this interesting is that the suit never really saw any battle damage in the first film. It’s not like Billy Batson puts on a real suit, but rather he transformers into his alter ego with the powers of the six immoral elders. So, it must’ve been something truly powerful to leave those burn marks. It seems they were generally shooting a sequence where actors had to run away from something, which could be part of the aftermath of his fight. It’s uncertain if Levy running is part of that sequence, or if the actor was just running for another reason.

Overall, it also promises a darker storyline in the sequel. The first film already had some pretty harsh scenes involving the Seven Deadly Sins and the sequel might take it up a notch. We don’t know what the plot is exactly, but if anyone can damage Shazam that way, it’s going to be quite the threat to face for the group of unlikely heroes.

Source: Twitter

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