New ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Merch Teases Thor’s Story Arc with the Guardians of the Galaxy

love and thunder merch

The first trailer of Thor: Love and Thunder gave us a glimpse at the God of Thunder trying to find some inner peace. He set out with the Guardians of the Galaxy after the events of Avengers: Endgame, where they finally took down Thanos and could bring back half the universe. While we do see him try to get back into shape and into saving the galaxy, something seems off for Thor.

A new piece of merchandise from Love and Thunder may have answered that very question. While we still see a somewhat younger Groot, the big reveal is the fact that Thor is seemingly still not over the defeat at the hands of Thanos. It reads as follows:

Long after the Avengers defeat Thanos. The Guardians of the Galaxy must convince Thor to return to the battlefield.

It’s not too surprising that he might be still hung up on it, as while they did take him down, it was Tony’s self-sacrifice that truly defeated the Titan. So, he technically never truly got an actual victory and while he may have gotten back in shape, it may still linger in his mind. Of course, he may just generally have reached his limit with all the losses he faced, and getting into shape didn’t quite give him that spark he was hoping for. Perhaps meeting an old friend and an imminent threat that gives him exactly what he was looking for.

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