New ‘WHAT IF…?’ Zombie Funkos Revealed

what if zombies

As is per Disney+ tradition, we get brand new Funko Pops as the series continues to expand. The latest episode of What If…? gave us the darkest storyline yet, as Bruce Banner returned to a world invested with zombies. Even the title didn’t waste any time to get to the point of the latest entry. Now that the episode is out there, Funko has unveiled the brand new Funkos that include the zombified Captain America, Sam Wilson, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and Wanda Maximoff. Zombie Hunter Spider-Man also gets his own Funko.

Marvel Studios found a creative way to balance the designs for Zombies that can work within a PG-13 setting. Yet, the series still includes some pretty brutal fatalities, as we see heads explore, zombies get cut in half, and so much more. We don’t see anyone getting eaten, with one planned exception by the Wasp, which might be the one aspect they couldn’t get past Disney+.

In Europe and specific countries, Disney+ includes the STAR branding that adds some adult-themed projects to the service. So, while it is strange to see the Avengers fight zombies on the family-focused streaming service, some markets are also enjoying shows like The Walking Dead. Who knows if the popularity of this episode opens up for the service to explore darker avenues moving forward. Deadpool 3 will be our first R-rated Marvel Cinematic Universe project that might not find its way on the service. It’ll be interesting how it continues to grow as they explore new concepts.

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