Nick Fury and War Machine Will Interact for the First Time in ‘Secret Invasion’

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Samuel L. Jackson seems to like to reveal fellow Secret Invasion cast members without a care in the world. Just recently, he revealed that Martin Freeman has a role in the upcoming Disney+ series, but another quote has found its way online where he also confirms Don Cheadle has a role in the upcoming series.

What makes this interesting is that while we did see a newspaper with him on it, this is the first confirmation that he’ll also have a role of some kind in the six-episode series, as he’ll share scenes with Jackson‘s Nick Fury. So, it seems that the Avenger might help them take on some Skrulls, or could even turn out to be one. What is interesting is that this will be the first time the two interacted in one of these projects.

C’mon, man, you walk on the set, Emilia’s amazing… Ben Mendelsohn, he’s awesome. Don, Don Cheadle… I got Don, that’s my golf buddy. I didn’t realize it, but til we did this thing, I was like, ‘We’ve never worked together.’ We just kinda know each other, hang out and laugh… but we’d never worked together, and we finally [got to work together].”

Samuel L. Jackson

Jackson certainly is excited, but won’t reveal any details that could give away what role Rhodey might have in the upcoming series. His addition does open up a potential connection to Armor Wars, but it’s uncertain where it takes place in the timeline. Given the original story included quite a few Avengers, it makes you wonder who else we might see make an appearance in the project. At this rate, anything is possible.

Source: The Playlist

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