‘No More Heroes 3’ Officially Delayed Until 2021

Nintendo has been facing quite a lot of troubles this year. Its original release schedule has been cut down quite a bit. Especially now that everyone is forced to work remotely. Super Mario’s 35th anniversary was delayed by almost four months. It now looks like another Nintendo exclusive game will face a similar challenge. Grasshopper Manufacture has officially announced that No More Heroes 3 is officially delayed until 2021.  The game was revealed during The Game Awards back in 2019. The information has been rather sparse on the game’s production outside of the original trailer. All we know was that it was eyeing a release in 2020.

As sad as the constant delays are, the health of everyone involved in the production should always be a top priority. It is good to see that director Goichi Suda has made a difficult decision with the best interest of his team in mind. Originally, we were supposed to get a full reveal of the gameplay in the last few months. The advantage of the delay means they can use this time to polish the game. There is no need to rush it out. Hidden within this update they also revealed that The Boys’ Darick Robertson joined the project. This is great news, as they also teased some upcoming illustrations of the game. Robertson‘s unique style will add to the ever-flashy world of No More Heroes.

Source: Twitter, YouTube

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