‘No Way Home’ Fortnite Tie-In Includes Spider-Man and MJ

fortnite spider man

It looks like Fortnite’s Winterfest has just grown with one more iconic addition. Spider-Man was featured heavily in the latest season, and now they’ve announced that we’re also get Spider-Man: No Way Home-inspired skins in the game. Of course, they announced it in style with a new trailer celebrating the beginning of Winterfest, as well as confirming we’re not only getting Spider-Man but Zendaya‘s MJ as playable characters as well. The costume featured in the short sequence is the one he created in Far From Home, but will bring back in the upcoming sequel:

It looks like he’ll also receive the Black-Gold suit that has been featured in trailers and heavily through merchandise. @BRMarvelNews shared a first look at the various costumes. It seems that MJ will only receive a single design.

They join Insomniac, who have also included tie-in costumes for the latest Spider-Man entry, as they offered both the Integrated suit and the Black-gold version, as the Red-Black suit already was featured from Far From Home‘s release. Sony certainly has invested quite a bit of money to manage and reach every corner of the market, and Fortnite is one of the biggest gaming franchises out there. At this point, we’ve seen quite a few celebrities appear in the game, but it’s interesting that they added MJ. Perhaps we get some villain costumes to tie into the film as it finally rolls out across the world.

Source: YouTube, Twitter

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