Open Questions That Need Answering In the ‘Loki’ Finale

loki finale

Loki has been an incredible series of character development and introspection through the first five episodes. We are only one episode away from finally finding out who the man in the high castle is. There have been quite a few comic-based hints that it is, in fact, Kang the Conquerer. Our very own Charles Murphy even noticed that one of his alter-egos, Scarlet Centurion, was hinted at through the hourglass designs in the TVA offices. Besides the man behind the curtain, some other questions are still open:

  • It will be fascinating to learn more about the motivations of the TVA founder. Even knowing who it is, the real question remains: what exactly is their purpose? Audiences have been waiting for it all to make sense and find out why the organization exists n the first place?
  • There’s one more major player of the TVA who seems to know more than she lets on. Yet, the latest episode seems to imply that she doesn’t know the true face behind the Time-Keepers in her conversation with B-15. Is she just a willing participant, or is she trying to figure out who’s hanging out in that castle? One thing for sure, Judge Renslayer is a lot more cunning than we give her credit.


Loki Episode 5 Synopsis: God of Mischief Variants Battle for Survival in the Void - Digichat


  • Mobius has a one-way ticket to letting everyone know the truth about the TVA and its dealings. There’s a world where we all want Mobius to ride off in the sunset on a jet ski, but this doesn’t seem like a show with happy endings or immediate ones. There needs to be one more conversation between Mobius and Ravonna if you consider their relationship. It opens the question of what the future holds for the TVA.
  • Kid Loki decided to stay in the void, unlike Classic Loki. His connections with the Young Avengers would give him reason to escape this place. If that is the case, how does he leave the void? Jack Veal certailny gives his character a strong presence and moxie. It would be a waste not to build upon that.

Of course, the core of this story is about Loki and Sylvie. The connection between the two is undeniable. Loki’s story of introspection and character development has made this show a treat. Sophia Di Martino also made Sylvie compelling in so many ways. The next episode will give us the revelation we’ve been waiting for anxiously. No, not the man behind the curtain, but if their relationship will continue to flourish or find an abrupt end. Will they be conquerors or the conquered? It feels like one episode wouldn’t be enough to explain it all, but we most certainly shall see how it all turns out in the Loki finale.

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