Peacock Reviving ‘Megamind’ and ‘Abominable’ With New Sequel Series

megamind sequel

We live in an era where cult-classic franchises are getting a second chance, as Peacock is trying its best to remain competitive with the ever-growing streaming market. As such, they’ve decided to release sequel series for two animated classics, Abomination and Megamind. The latter might be the bigger name project that will be revived with the titled Megamind’s Guide To Defending Your City with DreamWorks animation attached.

In 2010, the film introduced us to the supervillain that managed to do what no one else could: defeat their arch-rival. Yet, he learns to break away from his villainous ways and embrace a new heroic future. In this new series, his brain bots will be following him around to make him the first superhero influencer of his world. Alan Schoolcraft and Brent Simons are on as executive producers, as they wrote the original film. There is no mention if Will Ferrell will return to voice the character.

Amobinable and the Invisible City returns to the story of Everest the yeti, Jin, Peng, and Yi as they find themselves in a new magical world. We’ll once again set off on a heartfelt adventure as they learn about the magic that surrounds them. The original was a charming little project and It’s always great to see them revisit popular films or series to further explore their world. It’ll be interesting to see if the animation can keep up with the originals, as animated TV continuations tend to cheapen on some aspects, and sadly animation is the first to take a hit.

Source: Deadline

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