Pitching a Black Suit Trilogy After ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

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Believe it or not, it’s already been six years since Tom Holland was cast as the MCU’s version of Peter Parker. The actor has since appeared in five films with the final installment of his trilogy set to drop in December of this year. While the series capper, No Way Home, promises to be a jam-packed delight for fans of the iconic character, it does come packaged with a loaded question: what happens to Spider-Man once it’s over? Holland seems to be far from done playing the role. The occurrence of more films, set during Peter’s college years, has been theorized by fans for ages. Marvel boss Kevin Feige once used the Harry Potter franchise as a reference for the MCU’s take on Spidey. So, a collection of sequels with a darker tone doesn’t feel like it’s completely off the table.

Luckily for Marvel, there actually happens to be a famous plot device in the Spidey mythos that could do wonders for shifting the character in that mature direction. That’s right, I’m talking about a certain famed alien symbiote. Venom bonding with Holland‘s Peter is something fans have wanted to see for a long time, but unfortunately, the two entities currently exist in separate cinematic universes. Luckily, Loki and the What If series are teasing a colliding multiverse. As such, there is a perfect opportunity to tell a “Black Suit Trilogy” inside of a bigger picture that includes three different franchises. The story would start with:

Avengers: Secret Wars


The creatives at Marvel Studios have been alluding to an adaptation of the classic event series Secret Wars for years now. Loki creator Michael Waldron even gave Murphy’s Multiverse a cheeky “We’ll see,” when asked about the concept during a recent interview. That storyline has had a few iterations, but the multiversal trajectory of Phase Four indicates the MCU may go with a project inspired by Jonathan Hickman‘s 2015 series. That story dealt with the fallout of multiple Marvel universes colliding with each other and becoming a single continuity.

This is something that could translate well on screen, with an array of live-action Marvel franchises already in existence. If this movie were to come to fruition, there is a chance that Tom Hardy‘s Venom may find his way into the Sacred Timeline. The event would be a great way to bring Venom and Spider-Man into the same universe. Holland‘s Parker finally getting the symbiote in Battleworld would be a wonderful homage to the original 1984 Secret Wars comic. It would act as his first step into his new life.


Spider-Man: Identity Crisis (or Last Hunt)


Before a live-action Spider-Verse was on the table, it appeared the third MCU Spider-Man film would focus on the consequences of Peter’s identity being publicly revealed. Michael Mando felt poised to don a Scorpion suit, and there was heavy speculation Marvel’s ultimate hunter Kraven would come to NYC to find new prey. Despite not ending up this way, that plot would still make for a pretty good movie. Should the story of Peter’s unmasking not be concluded in No Way Home, it wouldn’t be hard to shift this concept to a fourth film.

If Secret Wars were to bring all the cinematic universes together, we would already have an established Kraven ready to go. Throw in the idea that Peter’s family and friends would also have targets painted on their backs, you’ll have a pretty good amount of physical and emotional threats to test Peter’s morals while influenced by the Venom symbiote. Just imagine the story of J.M. DeMatteis‘ Kraven’s Last Hunt combining with J. Michael Straczynski‘s Back In Black

Venom: Separation Anxiety


If Let There Be Carnage does as well as the first Venom flick, you know there’ll be another sequel. After going through his origin story and duking it out with a redheaded Woody Harrelson, what’s left for a symbiote to do? It’s logical to assume the third movie is where we’ll finally see Holland‘s Spider-Man confront Hardy‘s Venom. If Peter has the symbiote, Eddie Brock is going to want it back.

The project could even take inspiration from the mid-90’s Separation Anxiety storyline, in which a Venom-less Eddie finds himself up against a horde of spawns created by the Life Foundation. If Peter were wearing the black suit in a world of rampaging symbiotes, it stands to reason he’d be attracted to the carnage. Once he meets back up with Eddie? Game, set, match.

Source: Collider, Marvel, Good Reads

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