Theory: Where Has Wanda Been Since ‘WandaVision’?

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Warning. This theory includes spoilers for WandaVision

Since the final episode of WandaVision aired, fans have certainly been vocal regarding the events that transpired. Many felt satisfied with the ending. Others felt like the episode needed more. Some believe it didn’t live up to their expectations. Whatever your opinion on the series may be, it certainly fulfilled its goal. Marvel Studios set out to create an MCU-infused sitcom and its own way, it defined a new era of television. And it certainly answered a lot of questions fans had, but it left us with even more questions as the final post-credit scene cut to red. If you have not seen the series finale of WandaVision, save this article and read it later. If not, strap yourselves in because we’re in an emergency theory session and we have a lot to discuss.

Post-Credit Breakdown


The post-credit scene opens to this open landscape of snowy mountains with a cabin at the center of it all. At first, this location seems like a pretty remote place to be. As we zoom into the cabin, we find Wanda sitting on the porch drinking some tea and it all seems relatively normal until the camera zooms in even further into her room and we find Wanda studying the Darkhold and practicing the Mystic Arts while in her Astral form before she hears the voice of her children calling out to her. This shot actually parallels Doctor Strange in the scene where Doctor Strange is reading a book in his Astral form while sleeping, as shown below.


If you pay attention to the scene, you’ll notice quite the auditory Easter Egg when stripping the voices away and listening only to the soundtrack. While Wanda is reading the Darkhold, a much slower, sinister version of Doctor Strange’s theme. Take a listen below to this video I prepared for you to listen to. Given all these elements, here’s my theory.


The post-credit scene is from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The 2nd post-credit scene in WandaVision may be set during Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, approximately 8 months after the events in Westview. First and foremost, you have Wanda conjuring spells and mystical orbs, a la Doctor Strange, while she’s in her Astral form. This ability was something that took Strange months to master even with proper training, but Wanda is learning all on her own volition. So it may have taken her an even longer time to fully be able to understand the Mystic Arts in the way Strange does.

Another hint is in the cinematographic style the scene was shot. It was stylistically very different from the way WandaVision was shot. The style and tone of the camera work, from the wide shot of the mountainous landscape to the continuous one shot through the lake and into the cabin where you have a close-up shot of Wanda from a low angle is a prime example of Sam Raimi‘s work from the past. I would not be surprised if this is her introductory scene in the Doctor Strange sequel. Also, now that we’re talking about the landscape, that cabin and those mountains certainly don’t look like they’re near New Jersey. So where is she?

Wanda is in the Wundagore Mountain.


In the comics, the Darkhold was created at Wundagore Mountain by an Elder God. So, my theory is that Wanda decided to make use of Agatha’s advice and learn the ways of the mystic arts. To do so, she obviously used the Darkhold and there is a possibility that the Darkhold could have led her to this location to study magic in self-isolation. She’s most likely learning about how she can bring back Billy and Tommy since they no longer exist. If we base ourselves on what we know from WandaVision, we know that the book contains spells and magic that are considered “the darkest and unholiest”. Given this context about the Darkhold in both MCU and comic history, plus, the current “unofficial” synopsis of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which states that “an unspeakable evil will be unleashed”, we can conclude that there is indeed a bigger villain being set up here than meets the eye. I suspect that the villain of this sequel could be the author of the Darkhold, and there are several suitable candidates. But that’s another theory for another day.

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