‘Quantumania’ Director Says Cassie Lang is Central to Film

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Cassie Lang has been among the biggest talking points of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania since it was first announced. The 2020 reveal that a third Ant-Man project was in development also brought the news that up-and-coming Freaky star Kathryn Newton would become the third actress to bring the character to life, following Abby Ryder Fortson‘s turn as the child version of Cassie in the first two films and Emma Fuhrmann‘s teenage take in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame. This sudden recasting caused some controversy among those who hoped to see Fuhrmann continue in the role, but director Peyton Reed is confident Newton‘s performance will help carry Quantumania to new heights.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the filmmaker explained Cassie and the relationship she has to her family will be central to the story of the upcoming Ant-Man threequel. The film’s trailer hinted the youngest Lang would be largely responsible for the chaos that ensues throughout, and Reed all but confirms this in his exclusive interview, stating fans will be able to see Cassie in a brand new light:

One of the single most intriguing things that I was excited to do in this movie was progress the Scott-Cassie relationship. It’s been central to all the Ant-Man movies, the big difference here being that, as a result of Endgame, Cassie is now a young woman. She has become a scientific mind in her own right. She’s been going through Hank Pym’s old journals and notebooks, and has really latched on to this idea of quantum science and quantum technology.

Peyton Reed

In the comics, Cassie grows up to become a size-changing superhero much like her father. Initially known as Stature, and later as Stinger, she is known as a founding member of the Young Avengers and an important figure in the Marvel mythos. Newton can be seen wearing a fairly comic-accurate suit in the promotion for Quantumania, indicating the movie might also portray her turn to superhuman status.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania hits theaters February 17th, 2023.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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