REPORT: Ben Mendelsohn May Reprise ‘Rogue One’ Role in Disney+ ‘Andor’ Spin-Off

andor ben mendelsohn

It looks like one more Rogue One veteran is returning in the upcoming Andor spin-off, as The Direct has reported that Ben Mendelsohn will reprise his role as Orson Kennic. However, they do point out that they are unsure of how big his role might actually end up being in the series. There is a chance he has a brief cameo, as our titular character Cassian Andor, played by Diego Luna, might infiltrate an Empire base at some point in the series. This news drops shortly after Bill Skarsgard leaked the fact that Forest Whitaker was also returning in the upcoming Disney+ series as Saw Gerrera. It seems that we could see more familiar faces from Star Wars‘ first non-episode film pop up potentially.

Mendelsohn gave us a great performance as the main antagonist in Rogue One. So, his return is a welcomed one. It looks like the actor has a big future with Disney+, as he is also slated to appear in the upcoming Secret Invasion series from Marvel Studios. Of course, it is uncertain if he simply has a brief cameo in Andor, but he would make for a great recurring character that somehow manages to always get into Cassian’s way at the most inopportune times. You can never go wrong with more of Ben Mendelsohn n in any project. Here’s hoping we also get some more familiar faces returning to flesh out the era when the Empire ruled over the galaxy.

Source: The Direct

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