REPORT: ‘Persona 5’ Spinoff Announcement On the Horizon

Persona 5 was released in 2016 and since we haven’t had a new mainline entry to the franchise. Persona 5 Royal found its way into the market three years later but the pandemic has definitely left its impact with various productions being pushed back throughout many industries. Now, it almost seems like rumors have gone haywire for the franchise with a remake of Persona 3, the sixth entry supposedly dropping next year, and a new spinoff for the fifth entry.

Not too long ago, a new website matching Atlus’ usual naming structure found its way online. P5T.JP hinted that something is happening and further added weight to the rumors of a potential spinoff existing in the first place. Now, a new update to the registration may be hinting that the official reveal is sooner than we think.

As shared by Persona Central, the website domain received an update that matches what was seen with past entries before an official announcement was made. It moved to the company’s nameserver rather than the domain registry from Japan, Onamae and the timing would hint that it could be unveiled at the Summer Game Fest later next week.

There were rumors that the Persona 3 Remake will be revealed at the Xbox Showcase on June 11th. It would be strange to showcase two games from the same franchise as it may overshadow, but going in with a spinoff at the biggest event only to surprise people with a remake of the game that technically started the day system it became famous for. It also seems fitting with the remasters getting showcased at an Xbox event as rumors have it Persona 6 will be a timed exclusive for PlayStation.

Source: Persona Central

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