REVIEW: ‘Nope’ Blu-Ray

‘Nope’ doesn’t really have any exciting bonus features on its Blu-Ray, but it’s still worth picking up.

Jordan Peele’s latest film, Nope, is officially out on Blu-Ray and DVD today. To celebrate the movie’s home release, we were provided a Blu-Ray copy of Nope in advance for review. With that in mind, we take a closer look at the extras included on the Nope Blu-Ray and determine if the film is worth picking up.

There’s no denying Peele’s talent – both as a filmmaker and actor. He has a unique vision and each of his films brings something new. While Nope isn’t as strong as his prior efforts, Get Out and Us, it’s still a hell of a ride that audiences will thoroughly enjoy. For that reason alone, Nope is surely worth picking up. Nothing will beat experiencing this one on a huge screen with an audience, but even at home, Nope is still a well-crafted film worthy of repeat viewings.

While a good movie, the extras, unfortunately, don’t really offer much. For fans, deleted scenes are often a huge selling point, because they’re eager to see what had to be cut. Sometimes, those deleted scenes are great. In this case, though, it’s clear they were cut for a reason. Not a single one would’ve added anything special to Nope; watching them, you can understand why they were cut because they ultimately would’ve halted the story’s progression. So, in this instance, there’s no reason to pick up a physical copy of Nope for deleted scenes. And even the gag scenes are pretty boring. They’re short, and honestly, lack any real charm or humor. There’s simply not much there, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But the two usual things fans look forward to with home releases just lack any importance here.

What does prove to be a selling point for Nope, however, is the inclusion of Shadows: The Making of Nope. This behind-the-scenes feature that includes Peele, as well as his leading cast, is a pretty great exploration of the film and how it was made. Getting a deep dive into Peele’s world and the movie itself is fascinating. Two other featurettes included on the Blu-Ray are Call Him Jean Jacket and Mystery Man of the Muybridge also prove to be worthy of a view. While not as intriguing as Shadows, both featurettes are entertaining in their own right.

In the end, while the Blu-Ray doesn’t offer much in the way of bonus features, there’s still plenty of reason to pick up a copy of Nope on Blu-Ray. With stellar performances by both Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya, Nope on Blu-Ray is still worth picking up. After all, it’s not often a film this ambitious, weird, and thrilling hits.

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