Robert Kirkman Confirms ‘INVINCIBLE’ Movie is Still Happening

invincible robert kirkman

Ever thought that two Invincible properties are better than one? Me neither, but apparently franchise creator Robert Kirkman and Universal have taken this to heart. Despite a highly anticipated animated adaptation of the Image comic series being only a handful of weeks away, Kirkman revealed to Entertainment Weekly that the long-gestating live-action movie is also still in the works. The announcement of the Amazon series had led to many wondering if the film adaptation was dead. It seemed unusual to produce such a high-quality animated series and then follow it up with a live-action adaptation.

There is the fear that it would just be repetitive. If I can watch a long-form version of the story, why invest the money to watch it in theaters again? According to Kirkman, there will be enough differences so that they can co-exist and complement each other. He does make the comparison between the Spider-Man live-action and Into the Spider-Verse animated film. The problem is that the stories told are very distinct from each other, so perhaps the live-action adaptation might have a unique take on the original story.

The live-action version got announced in 2017. The film will be produced by the creative pairing of Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg. The duo has previously found success with comedic works such as Superbad and The Interview. On another note, Rogan is also set to be a part of the concurrently produced animated series. He will be voicing Allen the Alien, so he is also involved with its production in some form. Kirkman did confirm that the film is in very early stages so it won’t release for a few years.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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