Rosario Dawson Recants Punisher Statement: “I Can’t Be Trusted”

Marvel’s The Punisher

Rosario Dawson made quite a stir at C2E2 2022 when she told an excited crowd that she had just learned that the “Punisher was happening again.” Dawson, who starred in many of the Netflix Defenders-verse series got fans fired up while sharing her own enthusiasm for the return on the character, mentioning that Punisher was the only one of the Marvel Netflix streamers she didn’t appear in. As it turns out, Dawson may have to wait even longer to find her way into a Punisher series.

In a late-night tweet, Dawson clarified her comments, indicating that she had been told by a fan that the Punisher was coming back and that she had simply been excited to hear the news herself, given her hopes to work on the series.

The buzz around Jon Bernthal’s return to the character has been building online and it looks like the inability of fans to think critically about what they read played a hand in Dawson’s comments. While fans may be disappointed to learn that Dawson wasn’t passing along any official confirmation, they shouldn’t lose hope that Bernthal and/or Frank Castle might make their way to the MCU someday. With Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onoforio reprising their roles, the door will remain open for others from the Defenders-verse to walk through it as well, should the right opportunity arise.

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