RUMOR: Jennifer Lawrence Joins ‘Fantastic Four’

jennifer lawrence fantastic four

So, this is a rather bizarre story but too interesting not to cover. Right now, Marvel Studios has started production on a variety of projects, such as Thor: Love and Thunder. They have been expanding beyond their usual Atlanta filming location, as Australia has been growing into a popular filming location. It looks like they will continue working there with another upcoming project, as according to The Daily Telegraph, Marvel Studios also plans to shoot the Fantastic Four film there. Not just that, as they also reveal that Jennifer Lawrence is already on her way there to film it.

It’s a bit of a strange surprise if you consider that Jon Watts is set to direct the upcoming film. Yet, he is still at work on the untitled Spider-Man 3 film, so it would be strange to start production so soon. We’ve reached out to Disney, but they have not yet responded on the validity of this rumor. Daily Mail also sourced The Daily Telegraph, where they explicitly state that she is involved in a Marvel project. It also states that she will arrive there in a month to start production on a series in the coming weeks.

So, even if the production will be in Australia but it is unlikely to start anytime soon. Jennifer Lawrence is quite a high-profile actress to join the franchise and the second former X-Men actress to join a Marvel Studios production. So, she won’t have a minor role and it would be easy to say that she might be playing Susan Storm, or better known as the Invisible Woman. We’ll see what the validity is to this story moving forward.

Source: The Daily Telegraph via Daily Mail

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