RUMOR: Martin Starr and Hannibal Buress Returning for ‘Spider-Man 3’

It has been quite a wild ride when it comes to the upcoming Spider-Man 3 film. We had one casting rumor after another. So far, we have heard that Jamie FoxxAlfred MolinaAndrew Garfield, and so many more are joining the cast. Just a few days ago, Willem Dafoe and Thomas Haden Church were also added to the list rounding out even more iconic characters from the franchise’s past to make a return. Not even the Netflix series was safe, as Charles V. broke the news on Daredevil actor Charlie Cox also making an appearance. It seemed at this point that the film wasn’t really about Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man, or would even include any of his main supporting cast. Luckily, Illuminerdi comes in with some news on MCU-based characters making a return. Hannibal Buress and Martin Starr will reprise their respective roles.

Some of the funniest moments in the films were from the teachers. Starr‘s Mr. Harrington dropped some of the best lines throughout both films, so I am glad to see him return. The character made his debut in 2018, as he had a brief appearance in The Incredible HulkBuress also lent his humor perfectly to his brief appearance in the first, so very curious to see if he also only has a minor role this time around.

Sadly, no mention of fellow teacher Julius Dell, who was played by J.B. Smoove. The actor got the role after his performance in the Audi commercial featuring Holland. We don’t know how they will fit into the film, but the best guess would that one of the action sequences takes place at their school. Mr. Harrington was also shown to be quite a kind soul, so I could see him try to keep Peter safe while he is on the run. Maybe Peter accidentally interrupts the teacher’s during a poker game while fleeing one of the million villains that are rumored to appear.

Source: Illuminerdi

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