‘The Mandalorian’: The Siege of Mandalore (Third Times the Charm)

The dust has settled and Din Djarin has finished what he was tasked to do by the Armorer in season 1. But just like his bounty hunting past, when one job ends another one is waiting just beyond the blast doors. Towards the end of the finale, Din and Gideon finally came face to face with an epic duel ensuing. Following Din’s victory against the Moff came yet another task, this one on a much grander scale: ensuring the future and the way of the Mandalorians.

Din being the one to defeat the Moff in battle means that he would now be the one to wield the Darksaber. Even after attempting to hand the blade over to Bo, who’d been in search of it for a while now, he couldn’t. It doesn’t matter if you have the blade; it’s the story behind how you got it that matters.



When Tarre Vizla, the first Mandalorian Jedi, met his end, his blade was kept within the Jedi Temple during the days of the Old Republic. Towards the end of the Old Republic, House Vizla ransacked the Jedi temple to reacquire the blade and in doing so, returned to Mandalore and for a period of time reunited the clans, such as clan Wren and clan Saxon. Their reign would come to an end after the Mandalorian civil war in which Clan Kryze came to power. Quite recently we saw the Siege of Mandalore in the animated Clone Wars series we saw Ahsoka Tano lead the 501st legion into battle alongside Bo-Katan and the Nite Owls to overthrow Darth Maul, who’d come into power after the murder of Satine.

After that brief history lesson, the time has come for Mandalore to be restored to its former glory. With Din now in possession of one of the most powerful items in the galaxy, it’ll be his job to unite those lost from the path and reunite to take back Mandalore from any that occupy it. Based on what we know of future projects in the pipeline, I believe it’s safe to say the crossover event teased by Kathleen Kennedy will be that of a Siege of Mandalore. I believe what remains of the Empire resides on Mandalore and that’s where we will find Grand Admiral Thrawn, roping in the New Republic, the Mandalorian, and Ahsoka Tano.



While we do not know what the future of The Mandalorian is for season 3, and with The Book of Boba Fett on the way, it’s possible we could be taking some time away from Din while he and the Nite Owls rally what’s left of the Mandalorians throughout the galaxy, in order to muster a force great enough to take back their homeworld.

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