RUMOR: ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Leak Teases a ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Skin for Hawkeye

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Marvel’s Avengers has added a new feature for players wanting to spend their in-game currency to access new skins, emotes, and nameplates. The first one rolled out with the latest update and includes a Wakandan-inspired skin for Iron Man. Well, it seems that there might be an odd error that reveals the potential next shipment will include a Hawkeye skin based on Captain America: Civil War.

In the shipment, you can see a description of what is included in the shipment you are offered for around 31 days. While it seems to be based on RNG elements, you always see what you are offered when hovering over the shipment. The previously mentioned Wakanda Iron Man skin is still showcased but the text has curiously changed to mention an MCU-inspired skin for Twitter user @JrSolarisGamer.

@PlayAvenger has offered a translation of the text that highlights it is based on the 2016 design and not just a skin called “Civil War” that could’ve been inspired by the comics.

We don’t have a visual confirmation so have to take it with a grain of salt for now, as it could be an adaptation of the text. Still, if it turns out true, it’s a great addition to the shipments that might also inspire people to play the game regularly. Plus, it highlights they aren’t restricting these skins to the marketplace and giving players a chance to get their hands on them through playing the game. It’ll be exciting to see what other skins we might see get added in the future.

Source: Twitter

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