‘Hawkeye’ Episode 3 Includes Kingpin Easter Egg

hawkeye kingpin

The hints are getting more obvious that Wilson Fisk is making his grand return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not only do we have the mention of a mysterious uncle and his short hand-cameo in Echo’s flashback, but there is quite an emphasis on his role moving forward when even Hawkeye hints that he’s someone you don’t want to get in trouble with. There’s one more tiny detail that may have added to his upcoming appearance.

At one point in Echo’s flashback, she visits her father at his workshop. It’s the sequence where we find out how she connects to Ronin, the location they are at is given a rather curious name, Fat Man Auto Repair Shop. Now, it is more than just an additional tease of Fisk’s appearance in the series in a later episode but also is a great little Easter egg for fans of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

In the animated series, the Kingpin never physically makes an appearance. Yet, there’s a brief mention by the Grim Reaper who calls him “Fat-Man.” Plus, it’s an ongoing joke by Spider-Man to mock NYC’s most dangerous criminal about his weight. So, it adds a fun layer to his potential arrival and what the series has in store for viewers. Given the number of teases throughout this episode, it seems likely that we might get our first official appearance next week, but the team behind Hawkeye might also be playing the long con as the teases rise in frequency.

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