RUMOR: Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Casting Hints at an Early Introduction of Garp

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Netflix entered the dangerous game of live-action adaptations of classic anime properties. Some time ago, we got our first look at Cowboy Bebop, and next, they are preparing to enter production on One Piece. We got a live-action logo with the first script teasing the series’ next step of production, but we’re still awaiting some kind of hint at their upcoming casting. Earlier rumors did hint that Ludi Lin is currently being eyed for the role of Roronoa Zoro, and it looks like they’re adding to the cast.

The first character descriptions hinted at Luffy gathering the various members of his Straw Hat pirate crew throughout the East Blue. And now it seems two more character descriptions have found their way online. Twitter user @OP_Netflix_Fan shared that Steven Maeda and his team are casting two additional series regulars, Garp and Koby. Their addition as regulars is quite a curious addition, which might hint at how the show will integrate later storylines early on. 

Koby’s casting was inevitable due to his role in the earlier parts of the East Blue. Luffy stumbles upon him as he got forced to work for the pirate captain Alvida and he has an integral part in Zoro’s brief arc. The casting description highlights that he’ll learn “to stand up for others” throughout the season. Garp’s inclusion is the biggest surprise, as he didn’t have a role until the Post-Enies Lobby Arc in the story. Well, only if you don’t consider the Cover Stories.

Garp’s first introduction is during Chapter 92’s cover story, which is around the time Luffy fought the Arlong Pirates. It’s the ninth entry in the “Diary of Koby-Meppo” cover story, where we follow Koby and Helmeppo’s training to become cadets. As such, it seems like these cover stories will likely be showcased much earlier in the story as we follow both Luffy and Koby’s journey. It’s uncertain if Garp will also get included in the first episode titled “Romance Dawn,” as they’ll connect the dots much earlier in the story instead of having sudden reveals like in the manga. It’s an exciting prospect and we’ll hopefully get some official news in the coming weeks.

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