RUMOR: ‘Nova’ Project for Disney+ in Development

Latest rumors from industry insiders are suggesting Marvel Studios’ ‘Nova’ will be developed as a Disney+ series.

With the long-anticipated news of a project based on Nova being officially announced in March, more updates are starting to arrive about the nature of Marvel Studios’ upcoming franchise. The latest reports are suggesting that Nova will be developed as a series for Disney+. This comes after large amounts of recent speculation based on whether or not Marvel’s Human Rocket would be adapted as a series or as a feature film. Nova is currently being written by Sabir Pirzada, who notably served as a writer for the recently released Moon Knight series.

Nova would assumedly tell the tale of Richard Rider, a teenager who by random circumstance ends up inheriting the powers and responsibilities of the Nova Prime by Rhomann Dey following the collapse of the planet Xandar. This story fits naturally within the already existing framework of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the destruction of Xandar being an important plot element of Avengers: Infinity War. As well, the role of Rhomann Dey was portrayed by actor John C. Reilly in the first Guardians of the Galaxy film.

While the extent of official announcements about Nova ends there, rumors from last year suggest a potential 2023 start date for the upcoming Disney+ series. This would mean fans could likely anticipate a 2024 release for the project. It will remain interesting to gather more information about the direction Marvel’s latest cosmic franchise will take in the coming months.

Source: DisInsider

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